Dear Readers,

In the midst of life’s daily dash and bustle, stillness and me-time are those moments we set aside to refresh, renew and re-energize. That being so, this digital magazine caters to busy, nurturing and/or creative individuals—those wanting to embrace more stillness, and to carve-out more moments for themselves, despite having a busy or hectic schedule.

Each issue is an experience within itself. They contain DIY at-home spa, menu and creative features, as well as scripture meditation and other healthful ideas we can all integrate into our me-time and lifestyles. This is with the goal of maintaining greater work-life balance and well-being.

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Kaysha Sahai Reid


Check-out the Volume 1 Series of Stillness and Me-Time below, which includes 3 issues:

– Creating Your Personal Oasis

– Intro to Work/Life Balance

– Self-Care and YOU!