Welcome!  As a certified meditation teacher, I believe in the importance of carving out more moments for ourselves despite a busy or hectic schedule. Coupling my background in both meditation and design, creating handmade jewelry and home accessories has done just that. As a whole, I encourage others to use their interests or areas of creativity to help inspire their stillness and me-time.

About Stillness and Me-Time...

In the midst of life's daily dash and bustle, stillness and me-time are those moments we set aside to refresh, renew and re-energize. That being so, this site caters to the busy, nurturing and/or creative person who wants to learn more about biblical meditation and generally make more time for themselves.

Together, the blog, workshop and digital magazine embrace being a better steward of the temple, rekindling creativity and managing both time and energy more effectively. Essentially, Stillness and Me-Time explores ideas we can continually integrate into a busy and/or hectic lifestyle, to ultimately maintain greater work-life balance and wellbeing.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Kaysha Reid

For general questions and inquiries, email: stillnessandmetime@gmail.com