In the midst of life's daily dash and bustle, stillness and me-time are those moments we set aside to refresh, renew and re-energize. That being so, this site caters to busy, nurturing and/or creative individuals; men and women wanting to embrace more stillness, and to create more moments for themselves, despite a busy or hectic schedule.

Stillness and Me-Time covers both scripture meditation and self-care; coupled with features such as DIY, personal accessories and home decor. This content is spread between our workshop and digital magazine. Together, they embrace being a better steward of the temple, as well as of our time and energy.

So finally, Stillness & Me-Time explores ideas we can all integrate into our lives. This is in an effort to maintain greater work-life balance and wellbeing.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Kaysha Reid

For general questions and inquiries, email: info@stillnessandmetime.com